You need inspiration to furnish your home in Scandinavian style? Koti.Shop shows you how a 33m2 home looks like in Denmark. We like to be inspired by Scandinavians and their furnishing style, too. Therefore, we interviewed a Dane to see which thoughts are behind it. Anne Sofie Jakobsen lives in a 33m2 apartment in the center of Aalborg, Denmark and showed us her small but very nice apartment.

What do you like most about your apartment?

“The apartment was finished in 2017 and is therefore well equipped.
I especially like the way the apartment is divided. It was pretty good designed by the architects as it seems as if it contains out of 2 rooms. As well, I love how high the sealing is, and the big windows which gives the apartment a lot of natural light. Last but not least; my little balcony.”

Stue = living room

Kokken = kitchen

Vaerelse = bedroom

Altan = balcony

Bad = bathroom

What are your most important furniture/accessories in your home?

“I love my newly purchased plank table. Before, I didn’t have a dining room table, I actually had a sofa where my table now stand. It is the meeting place in my apartment and where we always sit. We eat, work, play, entertain, watch movies, etc.”

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IB Laursen Tray Round


What is important for you when furnishing or redecorating your home?

“Flowers and green plants are very important for me. I always have fresh flowers in my apartment or nice big green plants. I think it amazing for creating the desired atmosphere – you can change the colour, depending on your mood and time of year.”

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Which colours do you mostly use?

“I have kept my apartment deliberately plain so that it doesn’t seem too packed with furniture or decoration – the same did I when using colours. There is a lot of white, light grey and wood. I like the minimalistic way to furnish and especially giving rooms little splash of colours. Whether it is some pillows, flower pots, candles or other small details. Additionally, I try to mix it up with the flowers I buy.”

The big green plant in the corner of the picture is a rubber tree, one of the most popular houseplants in Denmark. No wonder why: It has beautiful leaves, is easy to take care of and can grow very old. The important thing is that the plant has a lot of space. They can get pretty big!

Do you have some furniture for your small balcony?

“During summer I have a little wooden café set on my balcony which I then use quite often. During winter I just have one chair with an outdoor plant on it. I also have two white lanterns which generate a very cozy atmosphere – not only for me but also neighbours. The “Hygge feeling” * should not only be present in my apartment, but also rub off on passers-by. During all seasons of the year, I have a Christmas light tied around the balcony.
The typical Danish windy weather sometimes is just way too strong for using the lanterns.”   

* In one of our last blogs, we took a closer look at the Danish “hygge feeling” and explained why the Danes said to be the happiest people in the world.

If you could move into a bigger apartment, what are the things you would change from your furniture from the old apartment to the new one?

“I would definitely get myself a bigger bed and decorate my bedroom more. As for the dining area, I’d love to have a very long plank table with room for many people so that family and friends can get together. Because I don’t really have a living room now, I admire having a big cozy living room with high ceilings, a big and soft couch and a big armchair. There would be nice paintings everywhere which again, gives some splash of colours. What I also thought about, was getting some new lamps –  The right light exposure can give a room a whole different expression. Of course, my apartment would still be furnished in the Scandinavian/minimalistic way.”

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