‘The more things we own, the more we sacrifice to that ownership.’ says Japanese professional organiser Marie Kondo in her best-seller, The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Make yourself aware of how much money, time and especially energy we spend on tidying up, organising and cleaning things, we don’t necessarily need. Maybe you are already thinking of some things laying around in your home which you own since decades but never really use.

The more of those non-essentials you have, the more precious resources you spend on them. Just think of a snake biting in its own tail…

Maybe exactly therefore, Nordic countries enjoy furnishing their homes in a minimalistic way.
Focusing only on keeping items that bring you happiness, life becomes simpler, you become happier and less stressed. Not without reason, Nordic countries are said to be the happiest ones on earth.

We are sharing the idea of simplifying our lives and therefore focusing on their style of furnishing.

Keeping the sentence “less is more” in our minds, here are some of our favourite picks:

Cushions & Seat Cushions

Lapuan Kankurit Corona Uni Cushion




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