Less is more – as mentioned in one of our last blogs.

The philosophy of keeping the interior in a minimalistic way, also applies to us in terms of light.

Setting accents – the alpha and omega

When furnishing your home, you may also have included some decorative items that give your rooms a personal touch. No matter if picture walls, mirrors or textiles in matching colours to the rest of your home. These personal favorites are usually better, being put in perfect light exposure.

A comfortable atmosphere can for example be created with the Minomushi lamp by Artemide or with the floor lamp by Normann Copenhagen.


Especially with floor lamps, great accents can be set in all rooms and are therefore not only a decorative eye-catcher. The cozy light fills the room with warmth and character.

Passive and active light

An important know-how in terms of light is that basically never the main lights are responsible for the comfortable atmosphere in a room. The use of table lamp
When it comes to emphasizing a picture wall or a certain object, passive lighting is the right choice. In other words, the lighting is not in the focus, but the object is. Spots are the right investment for this matter.

The active light source becomes a design object and not only a source to brighten up the room with light. It stays in the center of the viewer’s attention. Brands like Artemide are known for their exceptional and individual lighting.


With active lighting, you can beautify any dark corners and create a great atmosphere.


Inspiration for your home

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Artemide Shogun


The perfect lighting for warmer summer nights outside

Summer is coming, even if it is not visible everywhere if you look outside the window. The thought of finally being able to enjoy long summer nights outside has been in the mind of one or the other for some time now. In addition, there are always new ideas on how to redesign the outdoor area.

There are a lot of options in terms of light: Lamps can be used not only as a functional luminaire in the inside interior, but also as a decorative element in the outdoor area.

Inspiration for your home

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Table Lamps

Artemide Shogun


You can create the mood you want on the terrace or in the garden with Fermob lamps. With the ingenious function of switching the brightness at the touch of a button, you can either create a dim or bright light. They can also be used as a charming floor lamp or elegant floor lamp.

With the characteristic design of Fermob and its modern materials and colours, you can set specific accents where and how you want them.

Above all, if only certain places, objects or parts of a room should be staged, you can set accents with light, excellent.

In matching light accents, therefore, the essence for avid guests is in your home.

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