A more sustainable lifestyle – a big topic these days. Some are keen to take the bike to work, others try to minimize their environmental footprint by buying regional food. Already in the last blog we have addressed this subject and therefore wanted to deepen it a bit more.

However, some people think, “Whether I do this or not, doesn’t matter anyway!”
But we think it does! That is why we are trying to make our contribution to a greener future, too. It is very important to us that our products do not have to be transported halfway around the world to get into your home.

Whilst we have visited various interior and design fairs in our surroundings, this thought has always been in our minds. One of our favorite products was a new alternative to the classic cling film, made of beeswax coated cotton towels – BeeGoodies.

Not imaginable? We couldn’t really think of something either. Our first thoughts were…

The classic cling film, usually with a very tedious tear-off function – nowadays indispensable in the kitchen. Making too much food during evenings, the cling wrap is a practical invention of keeping the food fresh in the fridge. (After 3 pitiful attempts to cut off the right size…)

Above all, it is only usable once and not good for the environment.

That’s why we included BeeGoodies in our product list. No tedious ripping off, reusable and sustainable!
The cotton towels coated with beeswax from Germany are therefore an intelligent and simple alternative to the classic cling film. The natural antibacterial quality in beeswax helps to keep the wrapped food nicely fresh.

Last but not least: They are 100% handmade!

To keep BeeGoodies in action for a long time, please note the following hints:

  • Do not use too hot water when rinsing, otherwise the coating will dissolve. However, some dishwashing liquid may be used.
  • After cleaning, dry the BeeGoodies before storing them in the drawer.
  • Never wash BeeGoodies in the washing machine or dishwasher.
  • BeeGoodies are not suitable for the microwave.
  • It is recommended not to wrap raw meat or fish.
  • Do not cut anything on the BeeGoodies, as this may damage the cotton cloth.


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