Without water there would be no life on earth, clean drinking water is a UN human right and over 70% of the earth is covered in water, but only 3% of it is potable freshwater.

However, clean drinking water is not a self-evident resource: globally speaking, water is limited and extremely valuable in many areas.

For tomorrow’s World Water Day on March 22, we’d ike to share some facts and figures about water.
(Compiled by the Waterfootprint Liechtenstein page)

Facts and Figures about Water:

  • Worldwide, approximately 780 million people have no access to drinking water
  • Every year, 1.46 million people die from diseases due to lack of water and water pollution
  • Every year women and girls carry water for 40 trillion hours
  • United Nations (UN) decision: Clean water as a human right for all (the Principality of Liechtenstein and Switzerland have adopted the resolution with 33 other countries
  • Polluted drinking water is number one cause of disease worldwide – around 80% of developing country deaths are related to polluted water
  • With just CHF 5’000 you can provide around 100 people with drinking water in the long term
  • Worldwide CO2 emissions reached a dramatic level in 2014 and there is no turning point in sight – CO2 emissions increase by around 2.5% per year

How does things look like in Switzerland and Liechtenstein?

There are also some interesting facts and figures in the Switzerland/Liechtenstein area:

  • 95% of the Swiss/Liechtensteiner population drink tap water at home in everyday life
  • In restaurants and at work, only approx. 10% tap water and 90% brand water are drunk
  • In 2015, around 965 million liters of bottled mineral water were consumed in Switzerland/ Liechtenstein
  • Although Switzerland/Liechtenstein is considered the moated castle of Europe, in 2015 more than 42% of total mineral water consumption was imported from abroad.

… of the Swiss population drinks tap                               … tap water is served in                                          …branded water is served                      water at home.                                                           the gastronomy.                                                      in the gastronomy.

What can you do?

Drink tap water!
1 liter pollutes the environment with only 0.003dl oil. Comparatively, 1 liter of EU mineral water pollutes the environment with 2.5dl of oil.

But you also have the opportunity to do good things outside your home:

DRINK & DONATE is a non-profit association based in Zurich that stands for “Drink tap water. Donate drinking water.” It supports the consumption of high-quality tap water instead of branded water transported. DRINK & DONATE fully finance drinking water projects that enable needy people access to clean drinking water generated with various concepts in the areas of business, gastronomy and hotel industry.

The Koti.Shop team therefore says “Prost” with a glass of tap water,
«To the well» and «Skål» tomorrow’s World Water Day!



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