As we gently roll into the brighter days of spring, the wish to change something inside our homes comes naturally with it.
Talking about new interior trends for this spring and summer, we have so much colour and texture to look forward to.

From pastel colours to indigo blues and natural materials – There’s something for everyone and still, we can remain keeping the typical Scandinavian look simultaneously. Its clean lines, playful pops of colour and sense of tranquillity.

Pastel Colours

Scandinavian interior doesn’t use a large segment of bright colours – exactly here pastel colours come in. Especially shades of pastel pink green or blue can seamlessly be integrated as complements. Bringing one, or if you’re brave, even more of these shy dashes of colour into your home might be the thing to brighten it up and to underline your existing décor in the perfect way. No matter if vases, tableware or textiles in pastel-colours, we love to use modern materials like marble or metallics with it.

Stay also tuned for new tableware from the Danish brand Greengate which will arrive in our showroom soon!


Inspiration for the look

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IB Laursen Breadbin


Indigo Blues

Another colour trend for this year’s spring and summer interior are soothing blue tones. The different shades of indigo blue are acting as an eye catcher but not too overwhelming. Through simple accessories like vases, flowers or tableware you can create the desired tranquillity mood in your home. If you feel more adventurous, a mixture of styles is what we suggest: Coloured glass and stoneware go for example hand in hand together.

Inspiration for the look

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Natural Materials

Having flowering houseplants or the most popular tree in Denmark, the rubber tree, in your home is a worthwhile investment and underline the nature-focused Scandinavian design. For all the non-green thumbed readers; you don’t have to become desperate.
There are other ways to give your home this particular furnishing style. The much-needed burst of springtime feeling can also be created through pieces made with nature tones, materials or prints.
Especially with an abundance of natural light they create an even greater emphasis.


Inspiration for the look


Of course, brighter days for some it means having an intensive spring cleaning. But as a proverb says: “After business comes pleasure”.
So why not adapt to the changing seasons by bringing the minimalistic style into your home this spring with the current trends?

We wish you happy redecorating and we hope our blog can give you the inspiration you were looking for.

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