Winter has finally arrived in the small country of Liechtenstein. For us, it means going skiing, taking long walks in the snowy landscape and enjoy time with family and friends.

When days get dark, homes are the place to feel warmness and coziness. Especially in Nordic countries, it means spending time indoors with friends and family. By inviting them home for dinner, the rooms get filled with what the Danes call “hygge”. There is no direct translation for that word, but simply explained it means to enjoy life’s simple pleasures; Friends, family, graciousness, contentment, good feelings…

Imagine yourself being sitting by the chimney and reading a book whilst curled up in a cozy bathrobe, or snuggled yourself inside a warm blanket after coming out of the sauna. Enjoying your favourite tea and having a deep conversation about life’s greatest gifts with a good friend of yours. This is what hygge is all about.

In the end, there is no rule how to create it, everyone has their own way to get this feeling.

Nevertheless, we want to share some our favourites with you with which we think you can bring the hygge feeling into your home:

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